About Slivoelectricklub - Training Courses

Maybe you have been in a class in which the instructor was boring and dry? What about when the subject matter is not what you desired or anticipated or the instructor isn't a business expert? How about these large national businesses that charge high dollar, but have little or no understanding about state or local alterations - They pack you in shoulder to shoulder, give you a donut and a power point presentation, then off to the next town. Great, effective electric training is much more than a wise instructor or a power point presentation. Marty brings his 29 years of experience as an electrical inspector, contractor, electrical plans examiner, and code teacher to some fun, lively, and relevant learning experience.

Whether you are preparing for an electric examination, progressing your code comprehension, meeting your continuing education needs, or Arc Flash NFPA 70E Safety Training, M.S. Electrical Training will instruct you and provide you the knowledge that is required, and oftentimes required, in the current electrical industry.

Don't put it off any longer. Knowledge is power, power that will equip and deliver you in this constantly changing electrical sector. Where you don't need a oregon trip check to know more. We look forward to your presence in a few of our conventions. All our classes provide convenient parking directly adjacent to the training area and for the relaxation, a maximum of two attendees per half table in a professional training or conference center.

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