We provide specific instruction for state, local, national or private electrical inspectors. Use Marty's 30 decades of electric inspection and plan review expertise as a certified code recorded.

Have your inspectors been trained? We're asking if he or she has been professionally trained by a certified expert code coach?

Marty Provides a comprehensive training program for your team or department which includes:

  1. Understanding The National Electrical Code: Marty provides a comprehensive 24-40 hour training class on chapters 1-9 of the NEC
  2. The best way to socialize and communicate professionally and fairly with contractors and homeowners.
  3. When should exceptions be given
  4. Am I enforcing the code or giving an opinion
  5. If you mention it, be ready to write it
  6. How to properly interpret a code guideline: When the code official does not completely understand how to use terms and definitions, they might not be giving a translation, but instead, an opinion.
  7. Looking at other mandated codes apart from the NEC
  8. What's the distinction between code and a regular: NFPA 70 is code, however NFPA 110 is a standard.
  9. Finest and fair inspection practices when extra work is being installed in an present building.
  10. Understanding"Change of Use" and its implications on existing buildings and or structures.
  11. Q & A